Daniel Ross: UCR courses Winter 2019

LING 121: Syntax

(MWF 3:10-4pm, Sproul 2355)


Textbook chapters 1-3

LING 131: Morphology

(MWF 5:10-6pm, CHASS Interdisciplinary-South 1121)


Textbook chapters 1-2

Beginner's Research Group

Optional for interested students: click here for more information


Office hours (HMNSS 2508): M 4:10-5pm; W 2:10-3pm; or by appointment

My UCR email is daniel.ross@ucr.edu. You may also contact me at my permanent addresss djross3@gmail.com.

Please also check the course websites at ilearn.ucr.edu for assignments and grades and other regular updates. This page will only be updated with general information.