Beginner's Research Group

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I am organizing an optional discussion group for Linguistics undergrads who are interested in the possibility of doing research. We will discuss general topics about doing research, from picking a topic for research through publication, including methodology, finding and organizing references, and ethics for experiments. There will be a lot of time for questions and discussion as well! I will update this page with general information as needed.

No experience necessary. You do not need to be currently involved in research to participate. But if you are working on a project we can discuss it with the group. What you learn will be useful if you plan to continue to grad school, or participate in the Undergraduate Research Symposium, or just to help with research projects/papers for classes. If there is time/interest we might also work on a small project together.

Schedule: weekly meetings during Winter Quarter 2019

Time: 4:10-5pm Wednesdays (see schedule below)

Location: HMNSS 2412 (conference room)

Weekly Schedule

Week 1 (Jan. 16): Introductions, starting a project and choosing a topic; discuss schedule/topics for following weeks

Week 2 (Jan. 23): Opportunities for research at UCR and beyond with guest, Dr. Waltz

Looking for somewhere to share your work or other information? See these calls for papers (CfPs) and more: Undergraduate opportunities at UCR, UCR Undergraduate Research Journal, Southern California Undergraduate Linguistics Conference (UCLA) (or even a conference in Cyprus), Lifespans & Styles: Undergraduate Papers in Sociolinguistics, or MICCHERS fellowship/internship for students of minority backgrounds who are interested in pursuing Linguistics Ph.D. (among other possibilities). Also check out UCR Bilingualism, Mind, and Brain Lab. Subscribe to LinguistList for daily updates!

Week 3 (Jan. 30): Finding and organizing references

Week 4 (Feb. 6): Guest: Dalia Garcia, UCR Bilingualism, Mind, and Brain- Lab Coordinator — slides

Week 5 (Feb. 13): - [meeting cancelled due to busy midterms week] -

Week 6 (Feb. 20): Abstracts & Conferences: writing an abstract, LSA modal abstracts, LinguistList for conferences

Week 7 (Feb. 27): IRB (UCR IRB for Socio-Behavioral research), Methodology & Statistics (quick stats calculations tool; example flowchart for statistical tests)

Week 8 (March 6): General discussion with pizza/potluck

Week 9 (March 13): Practice talk (abstract) for conference (Daniel Ross on Pseudocoordination like "go and get" in the languages of the world: abstract, expanded for this talk to introduce methodology of comparing many languages)